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Asset Tracking Solution

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To run your business in its most optimal form, you need full-stack visibility into all your assets and the potential to track them anytime, anywhere. Our asset tracking solution lets you make the best use of all your assets by tracking them in from where ever you may be on the globe all you need is a tablet or your phone, it offers unlimited user-defined data that assures it can support the needs of the most complex organizations. Furthermore, our sophisticated reporting system via standard reports and an in-built report writer assures your organization of preserved data and ease of presentation.


Let’s Discuss all the Benefits

Easy Integration

The beauty of our solution lies in its seamless integration because we understand that organizations need the ability to quickly integrate best of breed products, We provide unparalleled ease along with broader internal reporting and controls. It may be integrated at the database level using transactions, snapshots, or using several built-in export/import routines available.

Exceedingly Adaptable

Each organization is peculiar in itself, and users unique alike, we work with your organization to understand her peculiarity, and our asset tracking software is designed from the ground up just the way you want, our configurations are put together to conform to each organizational requirement with ease.

Built-in Security

AssetWIN offers a range of security options to control access as well as user rights for various roles. Primary access is password protected. All data is segmented allowing restrictions and roles defined at the segment level including the option for centralized or decentralized control.

Asset Tracking Solution


AssetWIN includes a simple yet robust audit capability. Rather than complicated downloads or reprogramming, simply scan the assets in one or more locations, upload the data, and print reports. It is just that simple.
Other features include

  • Single or multiuser versions
  • Elegant, highly intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited user-defined fields with 6 definable data types
  • Automated Alerts
  • Global Search and Update
  • Product photos and document links

Versions of AssetWIN tracking software

AssetWIN Enterprise

Enterprise-grade asset management software designed for the most demanding environments, AssetWIN Enterprise combines a unique application feature set with the latest technology to achieve an unparalleled solution to manage assets for their complete life cycle.

    1. No limit on the number of assets.
    2. Comes with a SQL Server back-end database.

AssetWIN Business Series

Designed for the mid-range asset manager who needs a functionally strong system that can manage a variety of asset types and users in one system. It provides controls, both user-defined and architecturally designed, that assures your data is accurate and reliable.

    1. No limit on the number of assets.
    2. Comes with an Access back-end database.

AssetWIN Lite

AssetWIN Lite is a powerful asset tracking software solution designed for department-level and small business needs. Rather than a scaled-down version of a higher-priced product, our Lite version offers the same complete feature set as our other versions with a limit of 1, 500 assets.

    1. Limited to 1, 500 assets and a single database.
    2. Either SQL Server or Access back-end database.

Example of use

  • Tool Tracking
  • Equipment Tracking
  • IT asset tracking
Asset Tracking Solution

Bar Code Technology or RFID

Automated data capture is fundamental to our Asset Tracking system and it provides a complete spectrum of choice. We support wedges, mobile, batch, and WIFI devices, cellular technology, and many forms of RFID data collection. Equally important, we work with you to define the integration of these tools in a cost-effective solution addressing your needs.

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