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Gain Momentum With A Complete Restaurant And Hospitality Software

Expand your business and unlock new channels, operate at optimal efficiency, turn tables faster, help staff meet customer's demands with a point of sales software that unifies the back with the front of the house seamlessly. Our Point of Sale software improves your speed and flexibility and gives you everything you need to grow all from one platform.

Hospitality Software

Online Table Reservation

Make It easier for your customers to book a table 24hours a day from your website or social media from their device

  • Waitlist management
  • Get reservation from your website and social media pages
Hospitality Software

Floor Design And Management

Graphic and interactive screen allows you to visualize sales and occupancy on each table, put a table on hold while waiters attend to other customers.

  • Customize the layout of your entire dining room and effortlessly manage every section
  • With one click know the status of each table, merge or split bills with ease.
  • Change table, movies parties and effortlessly manage multiple sections (Regular, VIP, VVIP)
  • Make use of insights to identify high-volume and slow-turning tables
  • No internet? No worries. Keep selling even when the Wi-Fi is down
Hospitality Software

Digital Menu

Sync menu with inbuilt online ordering and delivery app to reach more customers

Hospitality Software

Recipe Management

Create a custom menu for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's. Add items from the database, eliminate the need to start from scratch, and automatically increase the price of the special menu items or modifiers.

  • Make quick and easy changes to the menu, modifiers, and restaurant layout on the spot.
  • Encourage flexibility, help waiters create preset personalized toppings for each meal.
  • Build menu based on ingredient, descriptions, and cooking instruction to help staff learn faster
  • Use color-coded menus to highlight specific items
  • Set multiple prices for each item
  • Set happy hour dates and time for items on your full menu
  • Mark menus out of stock
  • Create and manage multiple menu and menu categories
Hospitality Software

Online Ordering

Offer topnotch services to customers by offering multiple options like takeout and delivery services. Clients may access the establishment menu, order then pay with their smartphone or bank card.

  • Customers can access the restaurant menu, check the available product, obtain information, place order and whose where they want to pick up or be sent with their phone
  • Receive online orders from customers to deliver to their home or collect at your establishment
  • Recall customer's last orders and preferences.
  • Manage your delicate delivery operation with ease.
  • Get orders sent directly to your POS
Hospitality Software

Room Management

Manage Your Hotel property with the easy to learn and use hotel management software, manage all the revenue and your hotel processes like check-in/ check-out, invoicing, and reservations.

  • Manage bookings of multiple properties
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Billings & Revenue Management
  • Room status
  • Room service
  • Financial reports & statistics
  • Manager screens & dashboards
Hospitality Software

Hotel Bookings & Reservation

Increase direct bookings from your website with a commission-free booking engine in our POS Software.

  • Accept online reservations
  • Commission-free mobile-friendly online booking engine
  • Process your payments instantly and securely
  • Accept Group reservations
  • Access to Waiting lists
  • View guest profiles
Hospitality Software

Remote Access & Analytics

Track your business revenue and cash flow with our easy to use and powerful mobile application designed to monitor your business whle on-the-go and from wherever you are in the world.

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